Voyager Trike Kits

The Voyager kit is like outrigger wheels that stabilize your bike. Your back wheel is still the drive wheel.

The Voyager kit mounts onto your bike with a belly bracket that fits onto the middle of your frame and two rear wheel axle brackets. These three brackets stay on your bike when the Voyager frame is removed.

A conventional trike has 0 degree lean into a turn because they have a solid rear end. With the Voyager Conversion attached to your motorcycle you will be able to lean 6-12 degrees depending on the motorcycle that is attached to the Voyager Conversion Kit. Cruiser motorcycles will lean 6 degrees and your larger touring motorcycles will lean up to 12 degrees. A regular two wheel motorcycle without a trike or a Voyager Conversion Kit attached will lean up to 45-60 degrees in a turn.

The Voyager has its own independent suspension, and comes with the fenders and mud guard painted black with a clear coat or in primer gray.

“A & D unit” fits most cruiser motorcycles. “B & C unit” fits most touring bikes. The Voyager kit can be changed between similar size bikes. New mounting hardware will be required for a nominal fee.


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    Advantages of the Voyager Trike Conversion Kit:

    • No more front end push or wheel slip on turns
    • On and off in just minutes
    • Doesn’t change the value of your motorcycle
    • Stabilizes your motorcycle
    • Independent suspension
    • 1/2 the cost of most trikes
    • No longer inadequate storage for luggage
    • No more front end push or wheel slip on turns
    • No more front end shake at high speeds
    • No more narrow escapes in cross winds or on winding mountain roads while towing a trailer
    • No significant loss of gas mileage
    • Can be changed from one motorcycle to another motorcycle of the same size
    • Great for pulling a trailer because the tongue weight is pulled on the Voyager frame
    • No rigid ride


    A Trike Kit for Almost Every Motorcycle Make and Model...

    Harley Davidson Road King
    BMW K1200LT
    Honda Valkyrie
    Kawasaki Vulcan
    Triumph Rocket III

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    MC Solutions in Grand Rapids MI is a proud distributor of Voyager Trike Kits, Time-Out Motorcycle tow-able Time Out campers, Motorcycle Accesories and More. 

    Sly Stone


    Sly Stone (of Sly and the Family Stone) is a happy purchaser of one of our Voyager Trike Kits from our days in Southern California.

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